I totally love taking pictures! So much so that I wish I could do it all the time, but then would I love it as much? I don't have a studio, I love being outside to see how my people react when they are in a natural environment. I love taking pictures of kids, because their expressions are innocent and real! If you like my stuff and would like to get together, please call me. I would love to see what I could do for you and your family

Baby Kisses!

Baby Kisses!
Nothing sweeter then this!

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I am a Critical Care/ER nurse who loves taking pictures. This blog has become a place where I can share images with clients/friends their pictures for a sneek peek until they get their prints. Also, they can send their families to the site to see their pictures. And of course when I update pictures of the kids for our family.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elena at Reedy River.

Beautiful day at the park!

Annemarie's wedding.

Mike's sister Annemarie asked me to take some pictures before her wedding. It was a lot of fun! Thanks Annemarie for asking me to take the pics.

Vicki's Wedding..

This was my first big job. My cousin Vicki asked me to take on the responsibility of taking her pictures at her wedding. I was really nervous. It POURED down rain, but then the clouds parted and we went down to the shore and we saw rainbows- makes us wondering who was watching down over us on that afternoon in October in Connecticut! Thanks for the experience Vicki- love ya!

Elena one year pictures...

My baby is not a baby anymore!

Angus playing T-Ball....

He has a great throw!

Elena at the Gardens...

Unplanned trip to the gardens while Angus was in school. We had a nice time.

Angus is 4 years old.

Chillin' at the pool.

Twins: You are not seeing double!

These pictures were taken at the Clemson Botanical Gardens. This is my mom and her twin sister who was down visiting from Connecticut.

Tigers fans are everywhere and ALL ages!

This was one of Elena's first games, she like me, does not enjoy the heat. She does not last long before she is looking for the A.C.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A trip to the beach.

This was a long weekend trip to see our friends that live in Florida. They have the privilege of living very close to the beach. When we parked the car and Angus saw the beach he asked if it was snow. Don't get this kind of beach here in SC.

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

With both kids I tried around the month marks for first year to take pictures for their scrapbook to show how much they change in just a month. Elena and I were playing around one afternoon and was able to get some good smiles out of her!

Elena comes into our lives.

Now I have 2 models- she is not quite as easy to photograph as Angus is! She was really happy on this day!

Pregnancy pictures...

A lot of women do not like to have them done, but I have seen a lot of beautiful pregnancy pictures done. This is a friend of my sister who let me get a belly shot of her for practice. I think it turned out okay. Also attached is the picture we sent in our Christmas card the year I was pregnant with Elena.

Angus birthday pictures. Age 3, Cleveland Park, Greenville SC

We started a tradition on this birthday to go to lunch and go around taking pictures. This is more original then in a studio.


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